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My first experience with JFB Myofascial Release

     By the time I obtained my MOT, I was 40. All the lifting and moving patients, driving for home health and bending over to treat and such was taking its toll on my body, especially my lower back and both arms, which kept going numb, especially when I was driving. One of the first techniques we learned in the first class I took is a release at the tailbone, or the sacrum, called a lumbo-sacral release. I had driven 6 hours to get to this class, so that region of my body hurt. Sitting in the chairs hurt. Well, we have to perform these techniques on each other as we learn them. When I treated the other therapist, I felt things move, soften, and her body shifted to a more neutral position (her hips had been lying crooked on the table). So I was amazed. I was absolutely sold when it was my turn and in 5 minutes on that table my lower back pain was reduced to almost nothing. After three days of such treatments and a leg pull (if you want to know what that is, come see me) on each leg, my pain was gone!
     Now my first experience being treated by the MAN, John F Barnes, PT, seemed nothing short of miraculous. It was my third class, and a year later. I had been treating with MFR for a year with results I was still being thrilled by, but my arms, especially my left arm, were going numb and staying that way for long periods. I was losing strength and feeling. At the seminar, my left arm was numb and cold. I need to feel my hands to do this work, so when Mr. Barnes asked if we had any questions, I asked what I might be doing wrong for my arm to be behaving like this. He asked me to be his first demonstration, so up on the stage I went. He took my arm and did an arm pull (see leg pulls above...) and it began to do some movement of its own accord. Mr. Barnes calls this "unwinding". after about 7 minutes with my arm behaving like a snake, I sat up. I was very light headed, but made my way back to my chair. My arm began to ache like a headache in it. After an hour or so, it got hot, really HOT!! For the rest of the day, it had all manner of sensations that kept my attention fully on that arm; and true to the nature of fascia, my right arm experienced many of the same sensations. The next day, I did not notice my arms. That is important. I did not think of them because they did not bother me. They have not bothered me since. It has been a year and a half. My hands are my livelihood, so THANKS, JOHN F BARNES!! My arms and hands are strong, no numbness, cold, achiness. Oh, my patients thank Mr. Barnes too.

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d on Thursday, May 16, 2019 5:15 AM
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I am so proud of what you have become after all these years. I know how hard it must be for you to achieve whatever you were able to have right now, but let me tell you how awesome you are because you never gave up. You are indeed an inspiration to everyone most especially to those people who are struggling everyday. I will never forget the lessons I have learned from you and I promise to apply them in my own life. Thank you for giving me a reason to love this life even when things are not happening the way I planned it.

sdfsdfd on Friday, May 31, 2019 2:49 AM
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That experience went pretty hard on you but at the end, it gave you some splendid results. These techniques proved pretty effective for you and now your hands are as strong as they were before.
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